Thiruneer kuduwai – Part of an Ancient Tamil Hinduism Culture

திருநீற்றுக்குடுவை This is known as an ancient vessel of Tamils. Hindus use Thiruneeru (Holy Ash made of cowdung) in their livelihood patterns. There is a proverb which says ‘A forehead without the holy ash means nothing’. Thiruneer Kuduwai is structured for keeping holy ash and it is made of coconut shell.

It is made by peeling the coconut husk of a whole coconut and cutting ¼ of the upper shell. Then makes the holes with coconut eye and hang over with a string. Inner part of the coconut is removed and filled up with holy ash. The beauty of the Thiruneer Kuduwai is its cheaper, simple and easy to handle.

The influences of the tin and plastic make a significant change in our lives. Still we can see this Thiruneer Kuduwai in the temples of rural areas. Currently there are so many products are made out of coconut shells and they are sold in shopping centers. These products are the art of nature- lover and very healthiest products without any harmfulness to the human beings.

Former days the people used half coconut shell as a drinking cup. They finely clean the coconut shell in and out and used to drink the strained juicy water from steaming rice. They add onion, chilli, a pinch of salt and add coconut milk to get a delicious drink. In addition to that they add some steamed rice to make the drink perfect for noon time. If the said juice is drunken in a coconut it tastes superb. Apart from this rice juice warmest plain tea with jaggery or palm jaggery also very healthy and tasteful too. We have forgotten the healthiest habit which our forefathers in. That’s why we all end up with visiting the doctors regularly and left out with many diseases.


நன்றி – தகவல் மூலம் – இணையம்.

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