The way is born when the dam is born

The way is born when dare is born: this is not just a proverb. The tear-jerking word of the proverb. January is the harvest season that wipes out the misery of the ancients.

Festivals have a special place in the life of Tamils. Festivals can be said to be joy, fun and celebrations.

The festival has been around for many months since the time of Palanthamil. The month of Tai is the best festival month in that order.

There is a proverb and an old saying in our lives that if you are born spontaneously, you will give birth. So what’s so special? There are many who say that without knowing.

Uttarayana holy period

Uttarayana is a North language word. In the northern language, Uttar means north and ion means way.

The sun is the only visible divine force. The equinox is the time when the sun travels from south to north.

During the month of January, the Sun enters Capricorn and travels for 29 days, 27 minutes and 16 seconds.

The solstice lasts for six months from January to January. This period is considered to be the time of giving wisdom. It is said in the scriptures that this is the morning of the gods.

The month of Tai in the Puranas

In the Vedas, epics and Puranas, the month of Tai is said to be a special month.

In the Mahabharata war, Bhishma did not give up his life by falling under the arrows of Arjuna. The arrow lay on the bed.

It is said that he received the gift of wanting to die at the desired time and waited until “the first day”, that is, the beginning of the sunrise.

Only in Uttarayana will the way of wisdom be born. So there will be no rebirth for those who die then.

It is noteworthy that innumerable Siddha Purushas like Ramalinga Vallalar attained salvation during the Uttarayana period even in this age.

So we know from time immemorial that it is believed that the way is born if tai is born.

Harvest time

The paddy crop starts growing in six months from the month of August and is ready for harvest in the month of January.

In six months, the farmers will be able to repay all their debts, misery and worries and all the misery of money will be born on the coast.

Thus, the month of January will be enthusiastically welcomed by the Tamils. This is what we celebrate as Pongal.

Usually, events such as Kudamulukku, weddings and innovations are pending till the end of Karthika’s full moon.

It will all start tomorrow. The way to start good is to be born because the way to be born is to be born.

Time to say goodbye to ancestors

Ancestors who come to earth during the Dakshina period will bless their descendants from here for four months.

It is believed that Pitru with the help of the sun again finds the path to the world and says goodbye. So if you are born, the way is born.

The month of famine

It is the month when all the crops go home after the harvest.

It was during this period that paddy, the daily food of our Tamils, became available in large quantities and in small quantities, mainly in cereals.

Often people buy and secure the paddy they need for a year. The time to be born is the way to be happy without hunger for food at home.

Thus our forefathers who gave innumerable interpretations of a proverb were not fools. Lords of the world by labor.

Today we are losing various festivals and celebrations in the name of civilization.

From the birth of Thai this year, we will welcome and celebrate the Tamil festival, Thaithirunala, with our own ties, without forgetting their heritage.

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