Pettaham (Treasure box)



Richest people in the society used Pettaham (Treasure box) to safe things. They saved valuable things in it. It is seen in most of the houses in Jaffna once. There were some books (Former days book pages are made of palmyrah leaf) were kept in one of uncle’s home. Some others save paddy grain in this box. The treasure box in the temple is different from the ones at homes. They were with finest wood carving decorations on it.


Koththu [Measurement tool]

Koththu is one of the measuring tools of Tamils from unknown years. It is used to measure paddy grain, rice and milk. I have seen some wooden Koththu. Buffaloes’ milk is measured by the koththu in Senaiyoor. Rice is normally measured in Bronze made koththu.

Nazhili [Measurement tool]

It is a measurement used to measure paddy. It is designed with cane or palmyrah leaf. There are various literary poems given the use of ‘Nazhili’. They emphasize on meaning of a Nazhili is measuring and eating the rice or grains.

Pusal [Measuring tool]

28 koththu = 1 pusal Pusal is a wooden equipment.

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